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EM Weekly's Podcast

Oct 11, 2018


This week we talk to Anne Stauffer of the Pew Charitable Trusts. Anne surveyed state emergency managers and their staffs requesting information on 2012-16 spending for state-funded disaster assistance programs, expenditures related to federal programs, and federal reimbursements received. Pew then determined each...

Oct 4, 2018


This week we are talking to Charles Lane about emergency management in hospitals. The Book Five Days at Memorial lays the groundwork for the reason to have a dedicated EM at your hospital. However, some people have not headed the challenge. Charles talks to us about the challenges and victories in hospital...

Sep 27, 2018


This week we talk to Tiffany Everett From Good360 a non-profit that connects business with other non-profits providing services to the community. This service allows the non-profit to spend more of their money on providing services rather than buying items. How Good360 fits in the EM space? They are experts in...

Sep 20, 2018


This week we are talking about community preparedness at the grassroots. The Northeast L.A. Disaster Survival Task Force was born out of frustration from a group of community members that could not find disaster information for their neighborhood. They found general information, however, they felt that there could...

Sep 13, 2018


This week we are discussing the role of the non-government disaster response organizations. Since 2000 there has been a steady increase in the number of organizations not affiliated with government that are responding to and doing an effective job during and after a disaster. Texas Disaster Inc, is a company that...